come home to yourself

When you are struggling with your health, in pain, grieving, or overwhelmed,

it can be hard to know where to start.

You have gone to so many doctors and tried so many treatments. You just received scary health news. You have been trying to heal all on your own for years. Whatever your story...

‘i love myself.’

— nayirrah waheed

...You're worn down from working so hard.

And you don't have to go it all alone. 

There is a brave and resourceful force inside of you that has gotten you this far, that knows your life could feel more satisfying, and that you can feel more fully yourself. Being exhausted and in pain from a health condition, anxiety, or grief may have left you wondering who you are and how you can move forward. You can connect to that spark inside of you again.

Even if you feel betrayed by your body, you can learn to come home to yourself again.

If you're ready to find a place where you can rest, and be understood and supported in your healing, please get in touch.

When you schedule a free phone consultation, we can get a sense of whether I’m the person to help you at this time.